dcsmeditationpagephotoDebbie’s CD “Guided Relaxations for balancing your day” is available for sale as well as online in

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Relieve tension with Track 1, escape to your unique paradise with Track 2, connect with YOU with Track 6, give yourself love with “Exchanging loving vibrations”, immerse into a deep sleep with ‘Restful sleep”, plus more.

Listen to a track now “Your personal and safe calm place”

Embrace calmness into your life with 7 tracks of guided relaxation:

  1. Relieving tension from your muscles (7.01)Guided Relaxations CD
  2. Your personal safe and calm place (7.33)
  3. Sharing peace (5.52)
  4. Exchanging loving vibrations (5.06)
  5. Breath of love (4.57)
  6. Reflection (9.00)
  7. Restful sleep (16.12)